"On graph paper, it wasn’t necessarily won…. And yet, a magnetic partnership was born between these two opposite poles which attract each other for the best and to co-produce. Sixty degrees northwest - more or less - arises, undoubtedly phlegmatic, Philippe Carzo, the technician who is self-sufficient and gets along rather well with himself and his tools. Enthused by the challenges: watchmakers, mechanics, videos, he strives above all to master the practice. Head south-east, where Guillaume Lieutier, happy entrepreneur and communicator of the extreme, man of a thousand theories and perfectionist until the end of the night. The right typography, the ideal graphic composition, the right word: every detail passes under his scrutinizing and merciless eye. And it’s on a moonless night, under a pretty steeple, that the motorcycle brings them together. From there, the attraction of beautiful objects - still a common passion, definitely! - pushes them towards this exhilarating adventure of creating amazing watches. "

Madame 21 Grammes

Guillaume Lieutier and Philippe Carzo - Midnight Garage Festival N°3 (Paris)

Our know-how in the motorcycle world, we proudly claim it in the world of watchmaking. Our ambition is to create a unique watch inspired by custom motorcycles. Unique pieces because always shaped according to our drawings.


We wanted a singular case but also an evocative name! We therefore chose to call it "St-Luxeuil" in reference to Saint Colomban de Luxeuil, recognized patron saint of motorcyclists since 2011 by the Vatican.


Our watches are assembled in Nice, France.

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